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Networking everything together is the new normal on a boat. Combining NMEA 0183 with NMEA 2000, and then layering on SignalK to pump it out to a cell phone, MFD, or just on your WiFi network. None of these things have one “right” way to do them, and some of the solutions out there are amazing!


Issues with your VHF radio? What antenna should you buy for AIS? What the heck is AIS! More technical questions around communications and how they work? This is the spot to start!


Radar is one of the biggest sea-change areas in the last few years. The new technologies available in cheaper, WiFi enabled packages are impressive, but there is still a lot of testing and understanding what is right on your boat.

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There are tons of options out there for electronics on the boat. The choices are hard to make - Raymarine? B&G? Garmin? Which one is best? How do you configure X working with Y? Real world examples of people’s systems is what we’re looking for here!


None of our electronics, radar, networks, or communications devices would work without a proper power source. Just like the rest of boat technology, power systems are even more advanced than they were just a couple of years ago. Networked power management and monitoring is a requirement, as is considering Lithium and other new battery technologies.